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This is my niece, Leah Deal. This is her first album. Her music is inspiring and I really hope you too will be able to enjoy her music as much as I do.


Leah Deal, is a singer songwriter of songs inspired by the Holy Spirit, began singing and playing guitar, taught by her uncle, at an early age. Later in life when she met her dad, they started to co-write songs together. These songs come from the trails, storms, and celebration of victories throughout Leah's life. When she found herself at the end of her rope is when she finally became willing by His direction and Grace to enter the door of recording her songs. What was once sacred and private to her has now been opened up for others who have felt the same pains and experienced similar victories to worship to. She now knows by the Spirit that all that is given is for the benefit of all, as we are one and none is separated from His great Love! She has now recorded these songs to share with family and friends the body of Christ everywhere.

Leah Deal- Shout It Out

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