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Teresa Leticia De La Vega, "Leti," was born in Harlingen, Texas in 1953 at the home of her grandparents', Pedro and Tomas De La Vega. The third of eight children born to Pedro and Eustolia De La Vega.

She spent her summers in Mexico at Rancho Viejo where she absorbed music from Mexico and Texas. Her music reflects the influences of both cultures. The Sanchez-De La Vega family has played music for generations. Leti performs her family's blend of original music.

As Leti was growing up, there was always at least one guitar in her home. Her mother and father's moments of relaxation were spent doing duets together. Her father was always trying to teach her chords and the traditional musical pieces. Always intimidated by the guitar, she never really picked it up until 1989.

During the 1970s, her family traveled around the country doing roofing work for several insurance companies. They also played music every where they worked. They became a group of traveling musicians and roofers.

In 1983, her brother Richard talked her into moving to Austin. Leti moved into a house and turned it into a home for wayward musicians. They had to stay active with their musical projects to earn Leti's help and support. Lots of musicians came and went from Leti's home including the late Blaze Foley.

Through all the musicians that Leti knew, she was introduced to Ryan Rader of Deep South Productions in the late 1980s In 1999, Leti hired Ryan to produce her second CD. After completing production on her CD "Rancho Viejo, Mexico," he had fallen in love with her music and signed her to his record label. Two years later they did her third CD. Ryan also redid her first CD for re-release. Her first CD is a collection songs written by members of her family showing the various styles of music that they perform. On her second CD, Leti wrote and performed songs about the Sanchez side of her family. The third CD focused on the De La Vega side of her family. All of her CDs have had several generations of her family performing with her.

Leti is also the current Sanchez family historian. She is writing the history of Rancho Viejo, Mexico from the original Spanish land grant to present. She will be completing and publishing the "Felix & Romona Sanchez History Book" in the near future.


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Leti De La Vega

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